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city : Mexico city
country : Mexico

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Of transgressive nature, Naye Quirós anticipates trends and surpasses them.

Inspired by aesthetic stamps that coexist in urban scene, she reveals talent at the moment of creating conceptual pieces. Outright and transforming works of art that only by wearing them, they spill in whom they are taken by, all the energy of cosmopolitan essence.

A decade of eclectic and inspiring tours around the world constitute her personal heritage. To the value of intuition she adds the rigor of education in prestigious institutions as the Istituto Marangoni of Milan. Buenos Aires, Madrid or NY; schools, catwalks or tv sets, are unique opportunity to nose around the world of fashion and feminine universe. Sophisticated sorceress, combines science and inspiration, art and knowledge as base and sustenance of her creations. Capable of diving in other disciplines, she embarks herself in encouraging challenges, free of structures, associated with artists, designers and big international brands.

Born in México, great grand daughter of David Alfaro Siqueiros, artistic inheritance and revolutionary seed are in her blood. Trips, architecture, landscapes and ancient cultures nourish her creative abiliity. The experience ignites the nobility of materials. Meticulous, she dominates the alchemy that reinforces every stroke and delineates silhouettes provided with the powerful impact of simpleness. Synthesis boosts in abstraction.

Woman of anxious spirit, playful look and confident attitude: Jewel yourself!, she insists. Real wings, celebration mood and the passion for details reign in her collections. Icons or fetishes, perpetual treasures of sophisticated freshness they embody the power of slogans. Delicate weapons, synthesis of features, wishes, and convictions, hypnotic pieces capable of knocking down limits in glamorous statement. Ready to revolutionize luxury, NQ personifies and promotes the spirit in each of her designs. Elegant manifests of plain contemporaneousness and absolute avant-garde based on the value of the enduring.

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Naye Quiros