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city : Tervuren
country : Belgium

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Nathan French

Nathan French was born in Wales with Celtic and Anglo-Indian roots.

From a young age, he developed a fascination for fashion as a form of art. This continued as he studied a fashion BA at Central Saint Martins and began making his first collections.

Nathan then moved to the continent in Italy then on to Belgium ─ where he is currently located – to continue his exploration of shapes, material, fabrics and garments. Travels to India, the Middle East and Africa were a source of inspiration where he learnt to combine authenticity from different origins (Victorian, Anglo- Indian, Coptic, Masai…) with some twists like a post-modern fascination for taxidermy.

After having first designed cocktail dresses, Nathan found a new inspiration in feathers, furs and human hair. He dyes them, combines them and transforms them to produce surprising headdresses, aprons, collars, jackets and coats, with his creations becoming increasingly popular with dancers, singers, performers and models alike.

His debut menswear collection of overcoats, jackets and wings, inspired by victorian taxidermy and african ceremonial dress, seeks to create an ethical option to the fur coat, with layering of human hair and feathers.

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Nathan French