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World Wild Men Cosmetics?

Who are we? What are we? Why?

World Wild Men is for all you men out there !

We’re just like you ! Men who are looking for healthy, transparent and no-nonsense products. Most of the products on the market today don’t completely meet our needs or expectations. So, we decided to develop our own skin care line, made by men for men !

Men’s nature

Who better than a man to understand the specific nature of men ?

Our skin :

  • - is more fragile and gets dehydrated more easily due to daily shaving

  • - is twice as oily as women’s skin

  • - has wider pores, a perfect target for bacteria and other impurities which lead to spots and blemishes

  • - has double the blood pressure of women’s skin

Our formulas are made up of the best organic active substances and ingredients, selected with care according to the needs of men’s skin. Our creams are non-greasy, are absorbed quickly, don’t give you shiny skin and smell really good ! Our products are like we are (yup !) they are made just for us, respect what we want, respect our bodies, our environment our nature and Nature. We’re all ears ! : We’d love to hear your ideas, your wants, your needs… write to

The World Wild Men team.

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