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city : Valencia
country : Spain

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Hello and welcome in our shop!

Crea-re offers self-designed and handmade products. The name of our brand derives from creativity “CREA” and from recycling “RE”. 

Each project is unique – we concentrate on making small series of items in limited quantity. Choosing our brand you know that you will have something truly original.

Many of our projects are made from recycled materials: lamps made from unwanted newspapers, lamps from clips, shelves from wood which was doomed to be thrown out, bags made from old truck tarpaulin. We are against disposing things. Crea-re gives a second life to the objects.

Our design is eco-friendly. We use only water-based varnish and beeswax finish in our wood products.

All our products are hand-made in Poland and in Spain.

We believe that properly designed interiors have a positive impact on our mood and state of mind.

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Crea-re Studio