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city : London
country : United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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H Furniture

H is a new furniture company that conceives and creates meaningful pieces for discerning clients. London based, but with Mexican origins and a global outlook, we embrace contrasts and celebrate differences, bringing together beautifully crafted collections that get better with time and make people’s lives richer.

H believes in progress with purpose. We explore new possibilities and methods; consider history to forge a better future; and create compelling juxtapositions. Everything we do, we do with love and care. The details drive us — from design and materials sourcing, to manufacturing and finishing. For us, quality is paramount and we strive for it without compromise. We want to do things the right way, sustainably and without shirking our responsibilities — that’s why we use solid wood from renewable sources as a primary component. We will always charge a fair price for our products, given the cost of materials and manufacturing.

H doesn’t just intend to build a business, but to establish a culture. An open culture that fosters inventiveness and collaboration and is built on mutual respect and trust. We’re curators and editors, relying on a network of specialists to help us realize our ideas, so faith in our partners is critical. We invest in relationships as well as craftsmanship, making sure that everyone we work with feels valued and a real part of what we’re doing.

But more than anything, H wants to elevate the everyday, to bring interest and imagination into people’s lives, to create original furniture that makes a room better than it was before.

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