For each order that he pays for on the Site, the Buyer accepts disclosure of his last name, first name, e-mail address and delivery address to the Sellers in order to enable them to deliver the orders. Users promise to keep this information confidential and not to divulge it. The Sellers promise to respect the law on personal data and, in particular, not to reuse, keep, reproduce or give the Buyers' personal information to a third party. Moreover, the Sellers promise not to undermine the respect for privacy of the Buyers and not to send any message, article, advertisement or other document by whatever means (mail, telephone, electronic message or other current or future method) for themselves or for third parties.


Users' personal electronic data are secure with klintr and are used solely in order to give access to the Users in the regulated zones on the Site and in general in order to provide Users the services requested on the Site.


The User may have access to the personal information that he gave to the Site and request its updating or deletion by e-mail:, by including his last name, first name and his postal and e-mail addresses. The User implicitly gives his consent to klintr regarding the use of data gathered via the file of the Users of the Site.


The User accepts that klintr will keep all documents, information and records of his activity on the Site. These documents, pieces of information and records will show the date and content of the Offer, Purchase, Sale and conclusion of the sales contract no matter the amount.


Buyers pay for orders solely through the PayPal banking service available on the Site. PayPal authorizes payment from the PayPal account by bank card or "electronic wallet" if one already has such an account. A PayPal account is not required to pay by bank card. With PayPal, Buyers can pay on the Site in complete security. Use of PayPal is free for Buyers. PayPal ensures the security and complete confidentiality of transactions within klintr. Sellers must have a personal or professional PayPal account in order to receive payments from Buyers. In the event of a claim or a legal dispute, only the PayPal client service is officially entitled to help all Users here: ("help" rubric).