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Rouge Garance
  • 1977, Claudie and Bertrand Cortellini settle down on a small 6ha property located in the commune of Castillon du Gard. The grapes were then brought to the local cooperative cellar for processing.
  • 1985, They then encounter Jean Louis Trintignant, an actor whose passion is wine. This passion convinced them to vinify their own wine.
  • 1996, Together they bought a vinyard located at Saint-Hilaire d’Ozilhan.
  • 1997, Then the project becomes reality. They vinify a small part ( 5 ha ) of the harvest under the label “Rouge Garance”. Enki Bilal designs the first label and creates the bird which will become the trade mark of the domain.
  • 1998, A second wine “Garances” is produced in order to celebrate some very old Carignan vines.
  • 1999, The cellar was extended to accomodate for the entire production of the property.
A new and exiting adventure begins with the production of five vintages.
Rouge Garance is a domain located in the two communes of Castillon and Saint-Hilaire d’Ozilhan (Gard) on the right bank of the Rhône river.
From all the differents vineyards of the domain, one can admire the famous Pont du Gard, over many centuries witness of the relationship between man and wine.
Basked in exeptionally sunny conditions, the grapes mature in early September.
The mixed clay-limestone; soil is blanketed with a covering of small stones.This soil offers the diverse varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Carignan, the possibility for their best expression.
Our idea is to work our vinyards in a way that is safe for the environment.This includes tilling the soil frequently, avoiding chemical fertilizers and fight sensibly against vine diseases.From pruning to hand selected harvests, vinification and bottling, we take pain in proposing to you an original and product of the highest quality.

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Rouge Garance