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Artistic approach

I am looking for a graphic language that expresses the variable and unstable character of the human being through the use of physical icons. For me the use of graphical expression is a way to represent the intellectual dimensions that are created by the mind. I construct a type of representation that founds itself on the relationship between subject and space, the cultural construction of the image and its interpretation as well as on the link between abstract and figurative expression. I base my research on observing the individual's actions within his community through contemporary issues. By displaying an ambiguous representation my goal is to play on the borders between reality and fantasy. I attempt to match the different layers of my work to the different dimensions of mankind.

When starting a new project I part from photos or various graphic materials that serve to highlight the many facets of the contemporary subject. The process of image manipulation also serves as a research field on a psychological level. My work is characterized by mixtures; it defines me as an alternative mediator that calls for reconciliation between painting and photography.

For his visual creations Matthieu FAPPANI tries to match the different layers of image to different dimensions of man. He developed an iconographic representation language to express the variability of it. The visual research of this young artist camping on the relationship between subject and space, he deduces an expression that takes code sometimes and sometimes figurative to abstract universe, which is painting and photography, photography and painting the borders of the practices it thinner. Beyond a desire for material that is not confined, remains its anchor, its work feeding on his observation of human behavior in the community, without denying this contemporary issues concerning the "I" both. His work begins with photographs taken (in both senses of photographing and borrowing) and it handles a variety of graphic material not in the sense of deception, but in the manner of a craftsman to work beyond its material and manufacture. His perception is released from a simple mimesis and if the picture is the kind adopted, it is a conscious confrontation between the reality of the figure and features thoughts even fantasized that secrete it. It sanitizes the cut advertising photography, canon of beauty to review and correct not the model. His works do not hide the differences of the sources, especially as they assume their motives, their sizes, colors... So it's never a picture, the picture but variations and a musician taking up his cause tones various partitions. Not in vain exercise but in its reflection on the human. The intermediality knows retain paint variations of its material, photography definition of revelation of a latent image and waiting to get into the eyes visible signs... and beyond the static visual image of the fixed. They welcome or disrupt yours. Something applicable. Every time.



"Singular portraits and complex aesthetics

that tells about our contemporary world..."

A face is an abyss in whose depths lurk secrets that can not access those staring at him. It is a puzzle, let what may transpire and though fans think of morphopsychology. Reveals that during a particular feeling, a particular emotion, he never gives in full, driven by a reflex of self-defense, by shame, by fear of making visible, who knows, torments too obscure to confront those he meets. The artist (painter, photographer, writer...) has the power to give substance to these mysterious son that connect facial features to the feelings that drive them. And then go back to the most intimate aspects of personality. For the portrait, he managed to grasp what lies behind the figure of his model. In painting, Kokoschka excelled. The artist by his particular technique, mixing paint, photographs, multiple operations, manages to show us the many faces of the subject. The composite image, or rather reconstructed, the model presents a complex view, which penetrates to the inmost. The faces that we offer Matthieu Fappani hit by their looks piercing, incisive, ironic. As if in a last effort, the models wanted to hide what they really are: beings alone with their distress, their experiences. This art is like an allegory of loneliness, an illustration of the difficulty of the human being to assert his individuality in contemporary society.


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