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city : Les Baux de Provence
country : France

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Our beginnings: the olive grove in Provence

The story of Bois Gentil takes its roots in the 90s with the acquisition of an olive grove at the foothills of the Alps in Baux de Provence in France. Enamoured with gastronomy, we set out to learn the secrets of olive oil production with the dream of producing the best. More or less fruity, intense, mild, bold or subtle – the taste of each oil results from a multitude of factors: the olive varieties, their quality and level of maturation, the geological profile of the grove, extraction methods and of course, the talent of the master miller.
From being producers, we soon moved onto become selectors of olive oils in order to offer consistent outstanding quality. Used by some of the world's best chefs including multi-starred Michelin chefs, our award winning Grand Cru olive oils marked the very beginnings of Bois Gentil.

Victims of good taste

Unashamedly obsessive about taste, we let our palate and beliefs in traceable quality guide the creation of our range. Each item within it has been selected to enhance the flavours in your plate with unique finesse. Get inspired by the recipes and tips shared by the top chefs who use our range. Make every spoonful delicious.
Savour Bois Gentil products on their own or as an ingredient in your cuisine for a taste of French gastronomy.

From Provence to the other side of the world

As we fly the flag for French cuisine internationally, our olive grove in Provence remains a powerful reminder of what drives us: exceptional tastes.
In 2012, we opened a pecial place to sample Bois Gentil delicacies. On the shores of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, Bistro Gentil illustrates our philosophy: French cuisine that is refined but unpretentious. Modern without losing the authenticity of its flavours, it combines local fresh ingredients with Bois Gentil products. Today, you can find Bois Gentil in the kitchens of food lovers around the world.
Exquis! fr. Exquisite!

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Bois Gentil